AirportInfo is Airport Council International-North America's new digital publication presenting industry data in a concise format for maximum value. AirportInfo spotlights the latest trends and developments emerging within the business of airports, from air service to concessions to financing, thereby providing a valuable resource on airport analysis, key issues and policies affecting the industry. The information from various sources has been packaged for the best use by airports.

ACI-NA Surveys

ACI-NA’s Economic Affairs and Research Department produces various ACI-NA branded surveys to support policy advocacy and help airports benchmark operational statistics to industry standards. ACI-NA branded surveys include the following:

Concessions Benchmarking (Yearly) - This Survey is designed by the ACI-NA Concessions Benchmarking Working Group to collect important airport concession data. The goal is to build a comprehensive database of key industry measures that member airports can use for comparing and
contrasting with their peers.
Financial Benchmarking (Yearly) - Since 2005, the ACI-NA Benchmarking Survey has attracted airports across all sizes from both US and Canada. This survey is ACI-NA’s largest annual data gathering effort and is deemed essential by most member airports. The goal is to assist ACI-NA and its members to measure operational and financial performance across all airports.
Capital Development Needs (Bi-yearly) - ACI-NA’s Capital Needs Survey estimates capital development costs for the airports that comprise the national airport system of the United States, as defined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The information from the survey lays the foundation for ACI-NA’s continued work on the “Airports for the Future” campaign to ensure airports have adequate resources to enhance capacity and meet the needs of their communities.
The survey data is critical in ensuring that federal policymakers understand the complete development needs “picture” as part of their consideration of Airport Improvement Program (AIP).
Passenger Amenities (Bi-yearly) - ACI-NA conducts the Airport Passenger Services Survey in order to observe what services and amenities our members offer the millions of diverse passengers passing through their facilities each year. This helps ACI-NA compose an updated, accurate list of both amenities and services provided at each airport.