Dan Weber, itracks CEO, and Gilles Gauthier, itracks VP of Product Development, prepare to greet attendees at the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July 2013.


Case Study: itracks

Locally owned and operated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, itracks employs 35 people in its main office, 2 remote staff, and hosts over 2.4 million people in its panel network. itracks is very remote compared to its customer base, which is primarily in the United States. Without aviation, adding that personal touch to maintain and grow the business would be impossible.

itracks hires employees from the Unites States for business development opportunities within the country. Aviation enables U.S. staff to spend time at the head office in Saskatoon for training and professional development. Also, aviation allows management to visit U.S. staff to further develop employee relationships and provide training, which leads to improved performance and employee retention.

Importance of Aviation

Aviation allows itracks’ team members to attend a number of industry events domestically and internationally. itracks’ presence at industry events is critical to increasing the company’s profile. A key component to its industry recognition is showcasing new innovations at industry events during workshops, presentations and trade shows – all of which are made possible through aviation.

“itracks is based in a great location for innovative software development, however, we are removed from our customer base.  Aviation has been a critical component to the success of itracks by allowing us to visit clients in order to develop customer relationships.  For example, I took six trips during the past year, which led to 12 new clients and a 25% increase in new customer revenue,” said itracks CEO Dan Weber.

itracks exports 98% of its products and services outside of Saskatchewan and 92% of outside of Canada. itracks conducts approximately 10 domestic flights and 45 international flights per year, which is critical to building international client relationships.

Founded in 1996, itracks was one of the first companies to conduct an online focus group. Over the last decade, itracks has become a premier developer for software tools for online research and has become an award-winning company that has conducted over 16,000 qualitative market research sessions across many different industries and topics. itracks was honored as one of the Top 10 Market Research Companies for Innovation by Greenbook for two years in a row.

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