ClearFit co-founders Jamie Schneiderman and Ben Baldwin use aviation to attend events and conferences, meet with clients, and boost fundraising efforts for their Toronto-based startup.


Case Study: ClearFit

Canada is quickly becoming the source for a new wave of budding entrepreneurs.  This trend became noticeable in 2012 when, according to a report by the Startup Genome based in San Francisco, Toronto placed 8th and Vancouver 9th in the list of Top 10 startup regions in the world. Waterloo ranked among the Top 20, coming in at 16th.

ClearFit is one of many startup companies that has benefitted from Canada’s aviation sector. Co-CEO Ben Baldwin has been able to learn from some of the best and brightest minds in Silicon Valley. This experience has helped Ben find ways to improve his own company and contribute to the growing
entrepreneurial spirit in Toronto.

Importance of Aviation

Formed in 2006, ClearFit has quickly grown from a company of eight to 30 in just over six months. The company's innovative hiring tool makes it easy for small and medium sized businesses to quickly find and hire employees that succeed. Employees travel internationally at least once a month to the participate in events and conferences by their small business customers.  These events focus around growth strategies and successful SMB hiring practices. Travel increases to about three times a month when the company meets with potential investors or ramps up its fundraising efforts.  

“The mecca of the technology business is Silicon Valley and San Francisco. We can learn a lot from how the companies there are building their fast-growth businesses and high-performing cultures.  You can't see how Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook grew so quickly from reading a book or newspaper article. You need to experience it first-hand,” said Ben. “Every time I visit California, I come back to Canada and look at our business through a different lens, which has helped ClearFit grow in many different aspects along the way. We've brought our experiences back from Silicon Valley to Toronto. It's helped ClearFit create more jobs and build a more valuable company and start-up community here in Toronto.”

What can never be replaced for any business is the importance of personal interaction and face-to-face meetings. And for a startup such as ClearFit, meeting with potential investors is much like the service they provide for companies looking to hire new employees – it’s all about the right fit.

“Aviation plays an important role for us with the investor community and the overall SMB hiring ecosystem. Our largest market is the U.S., so most of our key relationships, potential partners and future investors are in places like Boston, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York. These are some of the key markets where business lives,” said Baldwin. “Nothing is better than meeting in-person, especially for fundraising efforts.  At ClearFit, we've raised almost $10 million from investors in the last few years. Aviation plays a crucial role in building those relationships.  It gives us a chance to meet face to face, experience each other’s workspaces and cultures and, ultimately, celebrate together.”

ClearFit helps companies create a world-class job description in minutes, post to multiple job boards with one click, sort applicants in one place, and get the best candidates to the top of the pile. Thousands of businesses are using ClearFit, including restaurant and retail owners and franchisees, health care practices and providers, transportation and logistics companies, marketing agencies and sales-driven SaaS companies.

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