CARHA Hockey World Cup

In the 2012 CARHA Hockey World Cup Budweiser Open Division Final, a sell-out crowd of 6,000 hockey fans packed The Essar Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to watch Mr. Transmission (Sault Ste. Marie) against AK Bars 35 (Russia).


Case Study: CARHA Hockey World Cup

The International Ice Hockey Federation’s 2013 annual Survey of Players indicates the game is growing in more countries around the world. In total, 62 countries participated in the IIHF survey and the number of registered hockey players has grown by 39, 605 (2.47%) to over 1.64 million active players.

For the Canadian Adult Recreation Hockey Association (CARHA), these numbers mean that more hockey players, from more countries, can participate in the "Olympics" of recreational hockey – the world’s largest international adult recreational hockey tournament known as the
CARHA Hockey World Cup.

Organizing an event such as the CARHA Hockey World Cup involves years of planning and countless hours arranging logistics. Since hockey players travel with more than the usual assortment of baggage, important relationships have been built over the years with airlines, customs and border services, and airport authorities to help ensure that the overall travel experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Importance of Aviation

Since 1996, the week-long event has been organized every four years in a select Canadian city, providing adult recreational hockey players from around the world the opportunity to take part in a sporting and cultural event organized to celebrate the sport of hockey.

Players of all ages will be travelling from Russia, Italy, England, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, and Norway, among many others, to take part in the event. Aviation has allowed the organizing committee to promote the CARHA Hockey World Cup brand to travelling teams from countries that otherwise would not be able to participate in the event. The easier it is for players from these countries to travel to the Canadian host city, more attendance and participation can be expected. In 2012, 80 teams travelled from outside of Sault Ste. Marie, the host city, and approximately 1,200 participants flew into a Canadian airport to
participate in the event.

“With approximately 3,000 participants from 15 countries around the world, aviation plays an integral part in the success of the CARHA Hockey World Cup,” said CARHA Hockey World Cup event coordinator Reuben Greenspoon. “A large portion of our participants are travelling great distances to participate in our event, so the cost and accessibility of air travel certainly plays a part in their decision to travel and play in our event.”

The CARHA Hockey World Cup also serves as more than just a hockey tournament. It is an opportunity to experience Canada. In addition to the events planned by the host city, the CARHA Hockey event team organizes a variety of special events, ensuring the participants and their guests keep busy and entertained over the course of the week.

This year, 35 cities across Canada placed a bid to host the 2016 event, which was awarded to the City of Windsor this past fall. The CARHA Hockey World Cup event has helped generate positive economic activity in each host city since the event was first held in Toronto. With an estimated 800 hotel rooms required daily and additional spending at local restaurants, taverns, and stores, it is estimated that the economic impact will be roughly $15 million for the
upcoming event in Windsor.

CARHA Hockey is dedicated to servicing the adult recreational hockey community in Canada and strives to develop and deliver hockey resources that assist team, league and tournament organizers across Canada and around the world.

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